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The Compelling Benefits of Harrison Homes

              1       AALC panels are manufactured without the use of formaldehydes or other toxic   6  Our homes’ AALC panels and steel frames are not edible by termites and are
                                                                             unappealing to rodents. In addition, the precision cutting of panels minimizes
                                                                             the gaps and openings where pests can enter the home.

             2        The small bubbles of air trapped inside of AALC panels make them an even   7  AALC roof and wall panels have a level of fire resistance similar to concrete. This

                                                                             makes homes built with them virtually fireproof and gives families plenty of time
                      better sound insulator than solid concrete, creating a quiet and peaceful living
                                                                             to get out if a fire does occur.
             3        Harrison Homes are built without wall cavities that can harbor mold-encouraging   8  AALC panels are clean and efficient to manufacture and assemble, produce
                                                                             minimal waste, and are extremely durable, making them one of the world’s
                      moisture. Even after a flood, AALC panels dry quickly and completely.
                                                                             greenest building methods.

             4        AALC panels offer excellent insulation properties. Just as importantly, they can be   9  Our homes can be manufactured in a variety of attractive design styles suitable
                      assembled very tightly to minimize air leaks that create drafts and make heating
                                                                             for every region or neighborhood.
                      and cooling systems less efficient.

             5        Municipalities view Harrison Homes as traditional construction for zoning purposes.   10  Affordable, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain homes from Harrison Homes are
                                                                             the basis for stable communities that foster strong families and sustainable
                                                                             economic growth.
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