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A better way to build

                                                                                               FIRE RESISTANT
                                                           ENERGY EFFICIENT

                AALC panels have a strength similar to concrete,    AALC panels are filled with tiny pockets of air that    AALC panels are incombustible, meaning they
                    with just one-fifth the weight.  make the material a remarkable insulator.  won’t burn under almost any circumstances.

                       MOLD RESISTANT
                                                           TERMITE RESISTANT
                                                                                               SAFE IN HIGH WINDS

               AALC panels reduce indoor humidity and eliminate    Our combination of AALC panels and a lightweight    Our building system technology
                   wall cavities that can harbor mold.   steel frame is highly resistant to all pests.   can withstand 300mph winds.

                   Harrison Homes’ AALC panels are made from heat- and moisture-resistant magnesium oxide that is strengthened with steel mesh.
                                The combination of these panels and our lightweight steel frame yields numerous benefits.
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