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A Unique Opportunity for Buyers,

        Builders, and Communities

        Our introduction of AALC panel and steel-frame building system technology to the North American market is giving the region’s homeowners their first chance to
        enjoy the benefits of this globally proven approach. As part of this program, we’re partnering with leading builders to give them an opportunity to reinvent their
        businesses by offering our proprietary technology to homebuyers in their local markets.

              A New Way for Builders to Grow      Supporting Thriving Communities     The Best Choice for the Environment
           Harrison Homes is offering licensing rights to a select number   We’re building affordable homes for the moderate-income   Our combination of AALC panels and lightweight steel structure
           of  qualified  builders  in  the  U.S.,  Canada,  and  Mexico.  These   families who are currently shut out of the housing market   is one of the greenest construction methods currently available
           licensees  will  be  able  to  grow  their  businesses  quickly  while   in  many  parts  of  the  country.  By  creating  vibrant,  livable   worldwide. The components are produced with minimal energy
           providing  customers  with  prompt  service  and  a  remarkably   neighborhoods  for  working  families,  we’re  helping  local   and without the use of hazardous chemicals. There is no onsite
           high-quality product.                 communities attract and keep the workforce needed for a   construction  debris  or  wasted  materials.  The  AALC  wall  and
                                                 healthy economy and sustainable growth.   roof panels save energy through their outstanding insulation
           In addition to training and support in the use of our innovative
                                                                                     qualities.  And  the  materials’  durability  means  that  Harrison
           building  system  technology,  Harrison  Homes  will  provide
                                                                                     Homes will last decades longer than traditional construction,
           licenses  with  marketing  resources,  sales  materials,  lead
                                                                                     dramatically reducing their carbon footprint.
           generation,  and  financing  support  for  buyers.  We  will  also
           work with municipalities and other local organizations to help
           licensees identify potential buyers, including some that may be
           pre-approved for special financing or other resources.
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