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Delivering a revolutionary new building
solution to the nation’s housing crisis.

Harrison Homes is responding to the nation’s housing crisis with our innovative building system technology. One that delivers an attractive and high-quality alternative over traditional built homes.

Wildly fluctuating prices and stagnating or declining wages have left many buyers struggling to find affordable homes.  In today’s economic climate, even people not traditionally perceived as seeking “affordable housing” are facing these affordability issues.  These households often include teachers, police officers, and firefighters, as well as healthcare workers, retail clerks, administrative personnel, and other moderate-income workers who are essential to local economic growth.

Our proprietary building system technology addresses this nationwide crisis with homes that offer the attractive styling and design flexibility of traditional construction, but much faster and at a far lower cost.  In fact, we can offer a 3-4-bedroom home for $170,000-$220,000 and can build it on a lot in just days.

In addition to cost and speed, Harrison Homes also offers some other distinct advantages over traditionally built homes. Our combination of AALC panels and a lightweight steel structure is durable, long-lasting, fire-resistant, flood-resistant, termite-resistant, and can withstand winds up to 300mph. Harrison Homes are also extremely energy-efficient, making them less expensive to heat and cool, more comfortable year-round, and better for the environment.


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A better way to build

AALC panels have a strength similar to concrete, with just one-fifth the weight.

AALC panels are filled with tiny pockets of air that make the material a remarkable insulator.

AALC panels are incombustible, meaning they won’t burn under almost any circumstances.

AALC panels reduce indoor humidity and eliminate wall cavities that can harbor mold.

Our combination of AALC panels and a lightweight steel frame is highly resistant to all pests.

Our building system technology can withstand 300mph winds.

Harrison Homes’ AALC panels are made from heat and moisture-resistant magnesium oxide that is strengthened with steel mesh.  The combination of these panels and our lightweight steel frame yields numerous benefits.

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